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If you need any assistance with your research or you are interested in developing a collaboration, please get in touch! I would be happy to talk with you.

You can meet me at my office located in the Laboratory of Ecology and Environmental Sciences of Agricultural University of Athens,
Hassiotes’ Building, 2nd floor (shown in the map below).

I am at my office every weekday from 11:00 am until
4:00 pm, but you may consider making a call to fix an appointment.

Leave your message in the mail-box just below the map…

  •    Office: +30 210 529 4466
  •    Fax: +30 210 529 4462
  •    saitanis& (replace & by @)
  •    Postal Address:
  •    Laboratory of Ecology and Environmental Sciences - Agricultural University of Athens, 75 Iera Odos Str. 11855 Votanikos, Athens, Greece

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