Agathokleous E., T. Koike, C.J. Saitanis, M. Watanabe, Y. Hoshika, and F. Satoh
Eurasian Journal of Forest Research. 18(1): 37-50
Publication year: 2015

Ethylenediurea (EDU) is an anti-ozonant substance that is recognized as a versatile research tool, and recently attracts increasing interest. As many wild plant species are forced into complex responses by tropospheric ozone (O3), these responses are crucial for the functioning of ecosystems and consequently for the biosphere; thus, countermeasures are required. A plethora of substances have been evaluated as to their effectiveness in protecting plants against O3. EDU is the most widely-used substance in O3 research, in order to moderate O3 effects on plant growth. We present a synoptic table with recent literature on EDU applications to plants as a protectant against O3. This table summarizes  important information on these publications, and we hope to be useful to researchers intended to employ EDU in their research with wild plants, but also to researchers working with air pollution control and other scientists.

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