Fields of Expertise & Research Interests

I carry out research in two main fields……“Quantitative Ecology” and “Environmental Pollution”

  • Quantitative Ecology (…data processing)
    In the framework of this domain I conduct or participate in research studies dealing with: Advanced statistics applied to ecological and environmental data analysis. Population ecology and population dynamics. Species association. Biodiversity measure – alpha-beta-gamma Diversity. Spatial patterns – SADIE analysis. Optimum sample size. Numerical ecology methods (cluster analysis, principal component analysis, factor analysis, RDA,…).
  • Environmental pollution (…experimental research)
    In the framework of this domain I conduct or participate in research studies dealing with: Urban air pollutants’ dynamics – diurnal and seasonal patterns. Effects of ozone on cultivated plants and natural ecosystems. Instrumental monitoring and phytodetection of ground level ozone in urban, suburban, agricultural and forest areas, using ozone bioindicator plants (Bel-W3, white clover and snap beans biomonitoring tools). Laboratory experimental studies of ozone effects on plant physiology parameters (chlorophyll fluorecence and photosynthesis, chlorophyll content, phaeophytins, carotenoids, SOD enzyme, etc.). Biomonitoring of heavy metals in urban and industrial environments using street-belt ornamental plants and mosses bags. Mobility of radionuclides in the soil-roots-plant system. Hormesis phenomenon in environmental toxicology…


  • Statistical Ecology
  • Population Ecology – Population Dynamics
  • Ozone and other gaseous pollutans spatiotemporal dynamics
  • Tropospheric ozone phytotoxicity assessment
  • Ambient ozone and heavy metals biomonitoring with higher plants
  • Lichens as air quality bioindicators / biomonitors
  • Antiozonant substancies protecting plants against ozone
  • Hormesis phenomenon in Toxicology, Environmental Toxicology and Eco-toxicology

Research Projects

  • EPEAEK – “Pythagoras” Project, 2004-2008.

  • A Greece-Ukraine bilateral Project. GSRT. Period: Closed.

  • Biennial Project (2001-2003) supported by the Secretary of Research of Agricultural University of Athens. Project Number 23.02. 122. Period: Closed.

  • A multinational (Bulgaria-Greece -Romania-Russia-Serbia-Turkey) Research Project funded by the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC). Period: Closed.

  • A Greece-Egypt bilateral Project. GSRT. Period: 2007-2008.

  • A Greece-China bilateral cooperation ESPA project. Project Leader: Panagiοtis Nektariοs. Period: 2012-2014.

  • A Greece-Egypt bilateral Project. GSRT. Project leader: Christοs Athanasiοu. Period: 2007-2008.

  • Project Leader: Dr. N. Bakaηdritsοs

  • Project Leader: Dr. S. Gουnari (Year: 2012)

  • Project Leader: Ph. ChatΖina. Year 2005-2007

  • Greece-Italy Bilateral Project ID Number 9513514 EPPET II / 2.5. GSRT. Project Leader Prof. M. Karandinοs. Period: 1999–2001.

  • Greece-Hungary bilateral Project ID Number NP-2361/94 – GSRT, Project Leader Prof. M. Karandinοs. Period: 1994–1996.

  • Project Leader: Professor Michael Karandinοs. Duration: 12.01.1990 – 31-12-1991

  • ΕΠΕΤ ΙΙ-453. Project Leader J. Tsitsipis. Sub-Project Leader Prof. M. Karandinos. Period: 1995 – 1999.

  • Radiation Protection Programme. Contract Nr. FI3P-CT92-0013.Project Leader Gerasimοs Αrapis. Period: 1992-1995.

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