Agathokleous E., Saitanis C.J., Satoh F. , and Koike T.
Eurasian Journal of Forest Research. 18(1):1-36
Publication year: 2015


Tropospheric ozone (O3) occurs in high concentrations nowadays and affects a many plant species in Northern hemisphere. Numerous wild plant species are known to be negatively affected by O3, and this may impact biodiversity and ecosystems in near future. Given the importance of O3 research with wild plants, we provide a list of 473 relevant taxa – that have been used as a subject of O3 research – as a research material, under various controlled-environment facilities, along with information about their response to O3. In addition, we include species which have been reported that they had developed ozone-like (but not confirmed) symptoms. This list of taxa along with the references is considered an important database, useful to researchers when planning their relevant investigations.